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From Chairman’s Desk

From Chairman’s Desk


  Chairmanbig  A teacher effects eternity, you can never tell where his influence stops” All great idea begin with a commitment to the future.It is with Strong Commitment to the quest for excellence in this filed of education, that we have been providing quality education to students through Modern Education College since 2007.We firmly believe the dictum that education should provide an integrated personality and help the students to imbibe human values.Teaching is a noble profession and a teacher has the responsibility of shaping future of the country by guiding and directing the youth of the country. Effectively trained teachers are not only better communicators of knowledge and skills but are also the source of inspiration and transformers of personalities.We encourage our students to become life long learners who are engaged in scholarly enquiry, research and professional development to bring about academic excellence. We value community service and encourage such service by our students.I welcome the students in this institute and convey my sincere wishes for success in their professional life.

                                                                                                                     Sh. J.S.Rana


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